They may be made by paypal, against reemborsament or credit card.

By contraremborsament:
After selecting this option, you will proceed with sending the package through the carrier, to deliver the package, it shall recover the total amount + 5% over the same amount for despessas.Un once you charged the amount the company proceed to leave it.

Payment by PAYPAL:
Payment secure Internet platform. Must be being discharged on the PAYPAL system and follow the instructions pertinets.

I pay with credit card:
Payment by credit card is done via secure environment.
Payment can be carried out with Visa, MasterCard.
By clicking on "pay by credit card" confirming that the credit card is owned by the buyer.
The entity that issues the credit card performs checks to authenticate ownership of it and this entity can refuse payment, in which case we will not be responsible for any delivery by not formalized payment NonStop.

Free shipping over 120€
Shipping to Europe 4 days
1 year warranty
30 days return policy