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The Trail Altra shoe with more cushioning. At the same time comfortable and light, it is the perfect compromise for long distances. It has a new reinforced mesh for durability, keeping the Vibram® Megagrip ™ and 36 mm cushioning that strengthen grip and comfort. It has the new GaiterTrap ™ 4 points that allow a more effective and quick fixation of a gaiter.
Weight: 326 g.
Cushioning: Maximum cushioning

Technical elements
Ideal for: Suitable for trail and ultratrail, as well as hiking. regular runners or not, neutral tread.
Cushioning: Maximum
Weight: 326 g
Designed to improve: For regular runners with neutral feet, looking comfort and dynamism.
Midsole: Double layer of EVA and top layer A-Bound ™, InnerFlex ™ technology
Sole: Footpod ™ Technology
Insole: 5 mm Contour Footbed
Mesh: mesh with quick drying
Other features: NRS ™ natural stride Sole height: 36 mm

A toe whose design allows the fingers to relax and expand naturally, staying the right thumb to enjoy more stability and a more powerful takeoff, which will give you better performance when running.

This exclusive pattern for the soles molds to the lines of the bones and tendons of the human foot, making it easier to flex where you need it in a natural way and that takes advantage of its original stability zones to achieve better support and balance.

This platform places your heel and forefoot at the same distance from the ground, to favor a low-impact running technique, to naturally align the body's posture and strengthen the calf muscles, weakened by running on high heels.

This unique system for the structure of the components that make up the midsole and outsole allows you to run naturally and innate, by combining the metatarsal design with a Zero Drop full cushioning platform and a FootShape ™ toe.

Exclusive sheet made of recycled materials, placed directly under the foot to reduce the impact caused by hard surfaces and recover the energy invested in each stride. Literally, it is a layer of material that bounces between the asphalt and your feet!

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150,00 € tax incl.

  • 11 US / 28 cm