Altra Superior 3.5 W Pink

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The Superior (awarded several times) is back! Ideal for short and mid-range trails, the Superior 3.5 still evolves while retaining the specific strengths that are its strength: An improved mesh for more durability, a new 4-point GaiterTrap ™ system for attaching its gaiter (not included), a DuraTread ™ outsole and TrailCraw ™ for better grip. Innerflex ™ technology also reduces the weight of the shoe for an improved all-around racing experience. You run on very rocky terrain? It's time to take out the StoneGuard ™ Removable Insole (supplied). To insert under the insole, it protects your foot while flexibility on uneven ground, deflecting pebbles for a more flexible and more stable race.

Technical details
Technical details:
Ideal use: Trail training or competition, Hiking, Off-road racing
Cushioning: Light
Thickness of the sole: 21 mm
Weight: 8.0 oz. / 232 g
Improved: Same size of the shoes, reinforced Mesh, increased stability, new design
Platform: Zero Drop ™ Platform, FootShape ™ Toe Box
Shape: PFS2-M / PFS-W
Midsole: EVA / A-Bound ™ double layer with Innerflex ™
Outsole: DuraTread Outsole and TrailClaw ™
Insole: contoured outsole 5mm
Upper: Quick-Dry Quick Dry Mesh
Other features: GaiterTrap ™ Technology 4-point, fully reinforced upper for optimum strength; Fit4Her ™

This exclusive system incorporating an outsole and midsole tailored to the morphology of the metatarsal combines with the fully cushioned Zero Drop ™ platform and FootShape ™ toe box to let you run the most naturally in the world.
This unique outsole specifically dedicated to the trail is composed of crampons directly positioned under the metatarsals and "claws" at the front of the shoe for optimal traction both upward and downhill.

The heel and forefoot are the same distance from the ground, which favors the adoption of a race technique that minimizes shock, respect for the natural axis of alignment of the body and strengthening the muscles of the body. calf, weakened by the wearing of high-heeled shoes.

The toes can spread naturally and comfortably, the thumb slows the pronation. The result: improved stability and increased propulsive force for optimized race performance

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