Compressport 3D Thermo Seamless Hoodie Grey Melange

New product

A casual, seamless and featherweight hoody which provides the perfect balance of comfort, heat control and performance.
The first COMPRESSPORT® training hoody that you can wear all day long be it during training, at home or traveling. Protection from autumn to spring blending all the technical COMPRESSPORT® features: heat control, 3D shock absorbers on the arms, 3D posture support in the back.
Technologies of the 3D Thermo Seamless Hoodie
The unique knit boosts air circulation and achieves the perfect balance between external air and body temperature. That keeps body temperature constant with no sudden rises or falls.

The light SPIN CONTROL pressure pad is woven into the fabric and keeps you straight whilst training, realigns your shoulders and holds you in the right position even during long sessions.

3D sleeve patches provide localized pressure support to the arm (biceps) and forearm muscles for improved shock absorption and an anti-vibration effect.

The material is seamless to avoid friction and its special fibers mean it won’t get out of shape to provide unrivalled comfort.

So lightweight you barely notice you're wearing it. The 3D structure and the high-quality material make it possible to maintain a very low weight while providing the thermoregulative features.

The 3D THERMO SEAMLESS HOODY disperses moisture out, dries fast, provides heat protection and can be worn with or without a base layer.

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