Compressport Full Socks Detox Recovery

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High-performance, full-length black sock to stimulate blood flow and accelerate muscle regeneration after intense efforts or while traveling

You've nailed the training session, you've hit that finish line. It's not over: recovery is key and our professional athletes would be the first to agree. Just as protein shakes help rebuild damaged muscle fibres, this full-length recovery sock stimulates blood flow to accelerate the muscle regeneration process. Medically-controlled graduated compression from the foot up acts a little like a tube of toothpaste, encouraging venous return and the elimination of lactic acid. Worn post-effort or while traveling, leg swelling and delayed onset muscle fatigue (DOMS) are greatly reduced. Carefully-placed 3D.Dots around the foot and Achilles area help boost blood flow and provide gentle micro-massage. while a tight arch support prevents the sock from moving and eliminates any risk of friction. Striped ventilation panels ensure the foot stays dry. Around the top of the sock, they add flexibility and lightness for increased comfort. The technology is packed into a sober, classy black design infused with Compressport identity. Super light and super comfortable, pull-on your Fully Socks Recovery so you can start over fresh the following day!

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