Compressport Full Socks Oxygen Black

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The Full Socks Oxygen are dedicated to enhance your performances, nothing will stop you. Initially designed to meet the needs of our pro athletes racing in events as extreme as the IRONMAN® World championships in Kona, the R2 Oxygen are highly ventilated, ultra-light and exceptionally comfortable. Gear up with the Full Socks Oxygen while exercising to delay fatigue and muscle aches. The socks follow each of your steps, strengthening proprioception and improving your posture. You resist to fatigue and keep on going mile after mile. Ultra-fine fibres ensure lightness, softness and flexibility for unprecedented comfort. The Full Socks Oxygen are so light and comfortable, they go unnoticed. Thanks to bioceramic fibres, these Full Socks Oxygen are genuine thermo regulators so you don’t overheat. Ventilation bands have been integrated directly into the compression to ensure a perfection aeration. The socks dry very quickly so your feet and calves stay fresh. Perfect for intense exercises under extreme heat in either trail running, triathlon or a marathon. With their minimalist design, the black Full Socks Oxygen will take you to the next level.

Ultra-light black compression socks offering muscle support and superior comfort to enhance your performances during intense efforts.

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