Compressport Full Socks Race & Recovery Black

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These ultra-comfortable and lightweight compression socks offer optimal muscle support to increase performance and speed recovery.

Discover the universal compression socks that will provide you with optimal muscle support during your next challenge and help you recover quickly and without pain. The Competition and Recovery High Socks are a versatile accessory for before, during and after competition. The ultra-light and comfortable competition and recovery high socks offer the benefits of calf compression and bridge support with unique effectiveness. Before exercise, they will warm up your muscles; during the race, they will improve your performance; and afterwards, they will reduce inflammation and pain. The competition and recovery high socks are highly breathable and offer great thermoregulation thanks to their ventilation bands directly integrated into the compression. They fit snugly around the ankle to gain stability and reduce the risk of injury. Thanks to its light compression band around the bridge, venous return is stimulated and the sock does not move during exercise. Perfect for ultra-trail running. With their exclusive design, the competition and recovery high socks will be your best allies.

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