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These full socks were first tested during the extreme heat races of Kona. Adopted since, because of their medical technologies and physiological benefits, they come back as a full-fledged 22 grams-product made in an ultra-ventilated and ultra-light mesh that keeps the feet and calves dry and cool, while compressing the muscles for better blood flow and better performance.

In a single pair of full ultra-light socks, COMPRESSPORT®concentrates the technologies mastered in both the Pro Racing Socks Ultra-light and the Full Socks to give a foot gear that suits long distance racers: trail runners, triathletes, cyclists.


- Nothing better than feet that breathe in the shoes and feel light! The ultra-fine mesh used here guarantees optimal ventilation and extreme lightness.
- Eight 3D-dots that acupressure on eight micro areas of your feet, will stimulate blood circulation.
- The 3D.Dots protect the Achilles tendon and the malleolus area.
- Socks are easily absorbed, limiting muscle pulling.
- In these ultra-light full socks, muscle fatigue is delayed.
- Recovery after effort is thus reached faster.
- Maximum grip is guaranteed due to the 3D.Dots acupunctured-technology.
- You won´t slip during effort and blood circulation is stimulated.
- These socks do not retain water and wick out moisture.
- The socks being positioned around the arch of the foot, compression stimulates venous return, strengthens stride posture and limits curvatures.
- The toe piece fits ergonomically
- Your toes are neither smothered nor compressed during effort.
- Its seamless and elastic-less upper layer does not pressurise your leg.

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