Compressport Mid Compresion Socks Blue

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The Mid Compression Socks are the first multipurpose socks designed for those who want to enjoy the physiological benefits of compression and all the comfort and performance of a crew sock. Perform longer, faster, effortlessly. Wear your Mid Compression Socks to stimulate venous return, improve muscle oxygenation and absorb shocks thanks to the precisely graduated compression. As your feet hits the ground, the fibers let your feet expand naturally, bringing more stability and postural support for better resistance to the effort. Its seamless construction avoids any risk of irritation, blisters or overheating thus eliminates any feeling of pressure. Ultra-light and highly ventilated, the Mid compression socks dry quickly. Your feet remain perfectly dry. Seamless and without elastic, it does not compress the calf and thus eliminates any feeling of stress and pressure. The Mid compression socks are perfectly fitted without superfluous fabric naturally wrapping to the shape of the foot and toes.

Blue multisport socks offering the physiological benefits of compression in a mid-calf format.

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