Compressport ON/OFF Shirt Tank Grey

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Compressport ON / OFF Tank sleeveless single layer compression shirt with interactive fiber that breathes with you, regulating your ventilation according to the intensity of your effort.

Imagine the effects ON
A tough climb on mountain skis, during series on the track, on the vertical km climb, in an ultra-trail race with constant changes of pace, cycling to a peak in the Alps, in sprints during a rugby match , etc ... You are at maximum effort, in intense training and requiring maximum ventilation. You need maximum personalized oxygenation.
This way you will not feel suffocated in the phase of maximum thoracic capacity and you can optimize your performance.
How does it work?
During long and prolonged exercise, more and more air is needed for better oxygenation. Your rib cage opens and breathing increases. This mechanism, in a classic compression sports garment, creates a feeling of suffocation.

Imagine the OFF effect
You have reached the top, your heart rate begins to slow and your rib cage decreases in volume. You are slowing down or starting a descent. You need protection.
Again to protect yourself from the external elements (air, wind, rain, cold, ...). Again to protect yourself from muscular oscillations during the descent (running, cycling, ....). Muscle oscillations generate a lot of wear and tear apart from being responsible for an unbalanced posture and an increase in possible injuries.
How does it work?
The fiber, with its 42,000 alveoli that open and close, ensures a reduction in "high compression", allowing the muscles to work optimally.

Technologies Compressport ON / OFF compression shirt:
The hydrophobic fiber eliminates sweat without absorbing it, even in cases of high perspiration. Say goodbye to this awkward, wet, never-drying sportswear situation.

The particular type of fabric provides ventilation in specific areas helping the body to cool down quickly while ensuring the rapid evacuation of moisture.

The very nature of the fiber ensures effective protection against bacteria and naturally helps eliminate odors and irritations.

Its unique pattern and its 42,000 alveoli favor better aeration, providing the perfect balance between interior and exterior. Therefore the body always maintains the same temperature without sudden changes. Does it offer real protection against the cold in winter and at the same time against high temperatures!

For greater comfort, the shirt is made of a soft and light fiber, without seams to provide maximum comfort and total freedom of movement.

The "Spin-Control" helps you to strengthen your posture during exercise, always keeping it correct.

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