Compressport Pro Racing Socks V3 Ultralight Smart White

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White featherweight socks for running delivering optimal support and excellent moisture management and great comfort.

Choosing a good pair of socks is essential for your comfort during your run, especially when the conditions are very hot and humid. Compressport’s PRS V3 Ultra Light Run Low are designed to deliver a maximum support to your feet, perfect moisture management, ultra-lightness and superior comfort. A 360° slight compression band around the arch support prevent the socks from turning or sliding down in your sneakers. Most importantly, it stimulates venous return delivering more tonicity to your stride. The socks have been redesigned to include wide areas of breathable mesh around the feet that wick transpiration away. Combined with its fast-drying fibers, the socks dry very quickly so you avoid wet feet. Every detail and technology have been thought to prevent overheating. An additional protection of the big toe protects from the impacts with the ground. Seamless and elastic-free, they do not create unnecessary irritation or pressure. In the ergonomic toe box, the forefoot can lie comfortably. Ultra-light, they only weight 11 grams! With their colourful design, those white featherweight low cut socks are ideal for your super hot and humid summer runs.

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