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With only 220 grams of weight, the lighter version of the TERRACLAW ™ represents a precise balance between performance and protection.
From the roads to the steep descents, the TERRACLAW ™ will be carved by a myriad of trails. The exclusive design of your studs discards waste and gravel and provides optimum grip for each stride.
Top Features of the Inov-8 TerraClaw 220 (OI15) Shoes
DUAL-C ™ sole
It has two types of adherent rubber: hard adherent compound (black) in areas of higher wear where durability and a soft adherent compound (blue) prevail in the rest to maximize grip.
Multidirectional tacos
Designed to provide traction on climbs, descents and curves. The direction of the heels is determined by the natural movement of the foot during situations in which the grip is essential.
Reinforced toe
The two-layer toe cap offers additional protection against shocks.
X-Lock ™
It is a superimposed welded layer that keeps the foot in place and allows to expand the fingers for comfort during long runs.
MET-Cradle ™
It consists of a firm fixation that favors the natural movement of the athlete, thanks to a light welded film.
Dynamic Fascia Band ™
The patented DFB ™ technology emulates the "pinwheel effect", providing a chute of energy at every step and making the athlete move faster and more efficiently.
Encapsulation technology
The diagonal arrangement of the laces binds the tongue firmly to avoid friction.

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130,00 € tax incl.

  • 6 UK / 24,5 cm