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The x-talon™ 200 has been specifically designed with obstacle course racers in mind. The lightweight, highly-durable upper is ready to tackle all courses, while the deep cleats and Rope-Tec™ on the outsole will tame even the fiercest of obstacles.

DWR treated to keep water and mud at bay, this shoe is our first 3mm model shoe in the x-talon™ range that comes in a standard fit that allows toes to splay for increased comfort.

Sticky™ Compound
Inov-8’s Sticky™ compound has been specially developed using climbing rubber technology. This rubber optimises grip in wet conditions, however the trade-off is it wears down quicker.

About Offroad Running Shoes

Offroad or "trail" shoes offer increased outsole traction and uppers with toe bumpers and reinforced stitching for more durability. The foot often sits slightly lower to the ground than usual for stability and responsiveness. Offroad shoes often have less cushioning than a road shoe because they're designed for softer surfaces. You should choose offroad shoes if you do a lot of off-road running and need shoes with extra traction, more durable uppers and extra protection from the terrain.

Top Features of the Inov-8 X-Talon 200 Unisex (AW15)

Upper: Synthetic, DWR Coated, TPU
Midsole: Injected EVA
Sole: X-Talon™ - Cleat Depth 5.5mm
3mm Drop
Lots of proprioception and a flexible lower profile ride, great stability under weights.
Fit : Standard
A wider toe box allows the toes to splay. Perfect for the forefoot striker, athletes with a wider foot and when lifting heavy weights.

Drop: 3
Total protection: 19 / 16 mm

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