How to choose your size:

Sizes expressed in each shoe are the number of brand origin (EU, US, UK) and centimeters. These centimeters correspond to the exact size of the foot of the person. Should be between two measures we will always fall the top imediata.

Tallage advise you not trust the other brands that utilizeis. Each brand works with its own tallage podiendo vary between one and another.

The system to look at the feet of the foot, will be next. We need a book or sheet of paper and a ruler or meter in centimeters. We will deal with the two bare feet against a wall, playing with heels on it. We will put the sheet of paper or the book up to the toe to protrude more, the metro comprovaremos the paper or book is well aligned with the paret. We look only subtract the distance between the paret and the paper or book. With these centimeters we can convert to the size of the chosen brand.

In MINIMALISTRUNNERS we guarantee the size of your shoe in centimeters, if you have made the correct measurement and shoes that you were not going well, you realize the canvio free (you will have to attach photo taking foot measurement in centimeters, to demonstrate the size )

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