Arch Max Ungravity Socks Short Blue

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The ARCh MAX ARChFIT Trail socks are designed for trail running. They incorporate a plantar arch reinforcement and are designed to prevent plantar fasciitis and stabilize the ankle. In addition, they are equipped with a technology that provides anatomically correct and adequate support for the right and left foot. They stabilize the heel in a neutral position and raise the plantar arch to prevent it from leaning inward, reducing the stress of repetitive impact on the foot and thus reducing the possibility of injuries such as plantar fasciitis, tibial periostitis or ankle sprains .

They are especially suitable for trail runners, with reinforcements in the toe and heel to avoid getting your feet wet in puddles or streams of water. They also incorporate a ventilation window on the instep, facilitating perspiration. In addition, they meet the high demands of sport: comfort, lightness, freedom of movement, breathability, durability and ease of use.

Ultralight and breathable low-cut sports sock. ARChFIT technology lifts the arch of the foot by tilting it inwards, cushioning each impact in the reception of the foot, reducing the risk of injury, taking care of the joints and delaying fatigue.

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  • XL / 45 - 48 EU

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