Compressport Trail Running Postural Man TK Black

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Perform at your maximum potential with the Trail Running Postural Tank Top. This black trail running tank for men responds to the trail runners’ special needs of protection/ventilation with an ultra-light and seamless design. Wear your trail running t-shirt and enjoy its lightness, ventilation and thermal protection as well as the excellent postural support for your back and abdominal muscles. Its unique weaving favors the circulation of the air and allows a perfect balance between the outside and the interior for an optimal thermoregulation. You stay warm when it is cold and cool when it is getting too hot. Highly breathable, transpiration is evacuated immediately so you stay perfectly dry. Ultra-light and naturally fitted, it offers the feeling of running freely while being supported. Its advanced pocket system allows a better organisation of your equipment and personal effects. Run autonomously for 30 km, carrying up to 300 ml of water, a jacket and a mobile phone, energy bars… with no bouncing! Its smart design offers a bold and tonic look.

Black trail running tank for men delivering perfect ventilation, thermoregulation and postural support with an ultra-light weight.

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