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Slippers designed for the smallest runners in the family.

The X-heel is a combination of minimum weight with excellent traction and high levels of proprioception. In keeping with the brand, the X-Talon has a low and stable profile.

Summary: Light and aggressive shoe for racing.
Modality: Trail running and orientation.
Absorption: The X-heel comes equipped with the second level of Shoc-Zone (2 respect 4).
Comfort: The 212 is a minimalist sneaker, but surprisingly comfortable. Recognized for its good support of the foot.
Reinforcements: Reinforced in the front and side areas.
Sole: The name "X-talon" also defines the name of the sole with which it is equipped, an aggressive sole with an excellent behavior on soft, technical and especially loose ground.
Rubber: The rubber type of the sole is the Sticky of Inov-8, especially unwrapped using the technology of rubber rock climbing to optimize adhesion in wet conditions.

Drop: 6mm

80,75 € tax incl.


95,00 € tax incl.

  • 4 UK / 23 cm.
  • 5 UK / 23,5 cm
  • 7,5 UK / 25,75 cm
  • 3 UK / 22 cm
  • 1 UK / 20 cm
  • 2 UK / 21 cm